DApp Profit

  • A portion of the transaction fees and OYL used to consume contents on each dApp's Marketplace will be burned and some will be returned to Life3.

  • Profit distribution: Burned 50%, Life3 Return 35%, Redistribution to the dApp Ecosystem 10%, Team Operation 5%

  • The amount redistributed to the dApp ecosystem is added to the dApp distribution system reserve pool.

  • Life3 return amount: staking 30%, dApp distribution 60%, Treasury 10%

  • Each figure can be adjusted by governance.Each figure can be adjusted by governance.

Examples (arbitrary assumptions for illustrative purposes, not actual figures)

  • dApp 1 transaction fee incurred: 10,000 OYL

  • Burned: 5,000 OYL, Life3 Return: 3,500 OYL, dApp 1 Redistribution: 1,000 OYL, Team Operation: 500 OYL

  • Life3 Return Amount: Staking: 1,050 OYL, dApp Distribution: 2,100 OYL, Treasury: 350 OYL

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