Life3 DApps

Life3 dApps are key constituents of the Life3 ecosystem. Initially, dApps will be launched mainly by the first party but plans to allow third parties to participate in the ecosystem in the future. A Life3
dApp has the following key features:


Life3 focuses on our daily routines.
Are you missing out on the countless meanings of life in your daily rut?
Life3 looks at your daily life from different perspectives and wants to walk through life together so that you can fully own your own life.


Life3 wants to serve you, who truly love Life3, as its owner.
In the reality that the growth of a platform and the personal growth of users are separated, we believe that the path to growing together with all of you who are interested in and actively using Life3 more than anyone else is the right path forward.
Life3 operates in a fully decentralized manner through the governance token OYL, and all decisions and profit-sharing within the ecosystem are made through governance.


Life3 incentivizes your lifestyle.
Through numerous incentives such as ‘fun’, ‘accomplishment’, ‘satisfaction’, and ‘profit’, we would like to bridge the gap between your better life and the reality of procrastinating and being hesitant for many reasons such as annoyance, laziness, and pain.
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