Life3 is a Web3 lifestyle ecosystem based on the concept of “Own Your Life!”.

By adding various incentives such as fun, pleasure, and profit to a variety of daily activities, we aim to lead a new type of lifestyle by establishing a virtuous cycle ecosystem in which users and the platform grow together and at the same time, help users fully own their own lives.

This lifestyle combined with an open metaverse allows you to express yourself in a trusted way with Life3.

A variety of Life3 dApps will be launched within the ecosystem, and each dApp establishes its own Tokenomics with its own token, but at the same time, uses Life3's governance token, OYL (Own Your Life) token, to consume viral or popular contents that trigger dissemination of each dApp, and you can earn OYL depending on your activity.

Through staking, OYL holders get voting rights for governance operations and can receive ecosystem profits as dividends.

* Note: Life3 is currently under development and the contents of the white paper may be changed in the future.

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